Anubhuti Project

The client-Kavita Vilas Patil-wanted a spacious home with ample natural ventilation and light,using natural materials and incorporating Vaastu principles”,says architect Rohan S. Deore of the 6,000 sq.f ft residence he designed at Savarkar Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra. 


Given a 6,000 sq ft rectangular corner plot, Rohan decided to build a north-facing ground plus one home, with flowing spaces, common and personal spaces, and architectural elements to bring in light and movement of air.


In Tune with Vaastu Shashtra As Kavita is a believer in Vaastu Shashtra, the traditional Indian system of architecture (that prescribes certain concepts for the organization of space and measurements within a building, within building types as well as group of buildings, settlements and cities)

Rohan incorporated a few pivotal Vaastu guidelines regarding the spatial arrangements of the rooms.


The centre of both floors was kept open and free of walls; the pooja room was located in the centre of the eastern side of the home, in a way that deity would face west and those praying would face east; and the kitchen was set in the southwest corner. 

Further, the living room was placed in the north and the master bedroom in the southwest

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