Niramaya Hostel Buildings


The goal in designing Niramaya – the Postgraduate boys’hostel block was to promote positive and informed cultural exchanges due to the challenges posed by the diversity of cultures that inhabit the same space. 


The location of the hostel block was close to the institutional buildings. So the idea was to design a low height structure which would not be an impediment to the institutional buildings.  


Though the structure appears to be a single storied structure from outside, a double storied building section was carved out. The hostel block adheres to the fundamental factors of proximity, exclusivity and fluidity.The blocks are placed along the contours keeping the site terrain undisturbed.  


The east- west orientation of the buildings helps achieve maximum vista of the mountains and unblocked expanse of the sky and natural winds owing to its placement along the wind direction. A connective central space interweaves the interior and exterior courtyards spaces, offering expansive views and interactive spaces.  


The rooms are triple occupancy with attached washrooms. All the rooms look outwards into the landscaped courts. The rooms enjoy diffused light from the courts. 

The courts serve as the green pockets to the rooms on both ground as well as first floor and provide ample sunlight and cross ventilation. The concept of space liberal hostel is followed while designing the building.  


It gives a sense of freedom with the open planning. Holistic sustainability includes environmental – local materials, highly insulated facades, renewable energy, pollution reduction and commitment to green environment.  


Pertinent natural material like mangalore tiles are used for the sloping roofs all over the hostel block. Locally available stone are used for retaining walls, sit outs and for exterior cladding of a building. Rain water collected from roofs of all buildings &from the courtyards passes through the natural stream formed by the sloping site & develops into the series of lily ponds & finally gets merged into the main rain water harvesting pond.  


The retaining wall built for the purpose of the hostel block acts as an interface providing sit out spaces. Also the landscape provides soothing shade enabling maximum use of interactive spaces, making it easy to connect, socialise, and creating a stage for individual and group activities.


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