Sapkal Knowledge Hub  

Location : Anjaneri, Nashik, Maharashtra 

Site Area : 24 Acres

Built-up Area: 34055 Sq.M.



SKH is situated in salubrious surroundings at the foothills of Anjaneri, Nashik. The architect has optimized the site contours by using them in his design.  


The campus spreads along a central spine which runs through the campus and it further branches and meanders into smaller spaces as the various departments branch out to bind with the centrally placed amphitheater.  


Rainwater harvesting is also achieved by utilizing the natural contours. The elements of ancient architectural sciences like the yantras are used in flooring patterns.  


The buildings with their interactive spaces, canopies, and sustainable features along with its aesthetically appealing massing contribute in making the campus an ideal place for a student to spend his formative years.  The building sees various canopies – the structural elements are techno savvy in keeping with the modern material palette of the 21st century.     

The site being a separate hillock is located in the foothills of Anjaneri Mountain. The site is a part of hilly terrain and hence also has its multidirectional slopes. 


Thus it was a challenge to work along these slopes and put together the building blocks by keeping advantage of the view and climate. Hence the buildings are arranged in such a way that minimum cut and fill of the land is done. 


Various tensile canopies and play of light and shadows creates pluralistic ambience for the students. 


The modern, innovative, architecture of the present century showcasing technologies used in designing transit spaces in relation to the building making the new scenario in architecture.

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