Location : Nashik, Maharashtra 

Site Area:  263.92 Sq. M.

Built-up Area: 133.20 Sq. M. 


As a symbol, the power of ‘Swastik’ resides in its simplicity & balance. With this design, the Architect manages to create a space which balances both the residential dwelling as well as a workspace for Architect’s studio.           


Although it was not a large plot, a lot needed to be accommodated into it. However, the central idea was always to be one with nature. 


An elegant design developed using the synergy of exposed red bricks on the exteriors and lively plantations. 

The next a position of living and dining space allows a better Natural light and ventilation drawn in through large windows, skylights and louvers make the interiors feel lighter & more spacious. 


The terrace garden exudes tranquility which is the favorite place for leisure or evening entertainment. 


The sporadic colorful interlude through paintings adds spunk to the lighter palate of the interiors. The play of bricks, all white walls and the sand colored Jaisalmer flooring gives it a graceful looks. 

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