Nashik based architect Rohan S. Deore designs a residence that blends traditional elements in a modern form.


Anubhuti, Private residence at Nashik 

Cost of the Project : Rs.1.40 crores  

Description of the Project: 


An experience of bliss entwined with nature.Architecture

achieves its goal when it becomes one with nature. Here is a residential

development for a family of 4 thatsoothes all senses and creates a possibility of rejuvenation through bonding with nature. 


The design is an effort towards urban regionalism to create a sprawling house with flowing spaces and architectural elements to bring in light and movement of air with the rustic look of bricks and the Jali in myriad forms. The house is located in the heart of Nashik city and at a close distance from the holy Godavari River. 


It blends the contemporary with a touch of tradition to be in line with the strong historic and cultural background of Nashik. Materials : The materials in the house contain a combination of exposed bricks, wood and local stone. 


The prominent feature of the house is the use of the traditional Indian jali or latticed screen made out of laser-cut metal sheet to bring in light and air,

without compromising on privacy. The same metal cut jail is echoed in hanging and bedside lights. 


The color palette has been kept simple with low VOC white paint and dark grey Italian marble in most of the home for a contrast effect. The puja room and master bedrooms have wooden flooring. All skylights are covered with dark coloured frit glass.‘Mindscape’, a painting series by a Nashik –

based artist, adorns the walls of the house.

Special features


The jail stands out with its contemporary and artistic touch on the facade, adding

interest to the exposed and plastered brick surfaces. It brings in light, view and ventilation to the interiors and also provides security, privacy and aesthetic value too. 


The concentric pattern also reflects in the theme of the

interiors. The easy flow of spaces and the double height of the Puja room and the central court give a unique feeling of togetherness and avoids any area to have abandoned feeling. 


Each of the living spaces are oriented to capture the

changing landscape on each side through large glass panels and windows. The master bedroom on the ground level opens out onto private landscaped space outside and a green wall ideally used as a Yoga court.


Skylights and turbo vents in the dressing areas and courtyards in the bathrooms give a refreshing

experience.The puja room is a double height space with laser cut copper metal sheets in form of traditional banana leaves as a backdrop. Daylight is taken in through skylight and square punctures in the wall fixed with glass blocks. 


The puja room is accessible from the ground floor but also has an opening onto the first level creating visual connection and a feeling of belonging with the divine.As the sun goes down, lights set in niches in the exposed brick water cascade feature wall and a section of the boundary wall lit up, creating a festive look.


The design of the home plays a significant role in defining the spaces and energies to comprehend the meaning of its name Anubhuti – the feeling of realization 

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