Top 10 tips for interior design and home decoration


1.Know and determine your style

The first thing that you need to know is how you want your space to be. You should ask yourself what are the things that you like. This ranges from different colors, patterns which you like or the traditional or modern style. It can also be humorous or funny you determine your style, it becomes easier to be able to put into place the best design.

2. Make a good choice of paints

Different colors have an effect on our moods. As you choose what colors to use for your house, take it as a consideration their effect.


3. Always start from the ground

Starting the designing work from the floor gives you the way forward o what to use for the walls and the interior at large. Starting from the top limits your style. Designing your house requires that all the factors go in unison for a spectacular outcome.

4. Make samples have good use

These provide a good basis for your house decoration. You can be able to know what colors and patterns can be used for your house. They are therefore important as the decoration works proceed. The samples may include things like pots.

5. Add decorative mirrors in your living space

The mirrors add instant light to your room. In addition to this, they also make a small room look larger. Much light makes your living space comfortable and exciting to be in.

6. Do a mix up for your house

This comes in terms of using different patterns or different textures. This also involves mixing the old and new things within your space. The expensive and inexpensive things mixed up brings a good outlook and the house looks fantastic in the end.


7. Always choose the best architects

The top architects ensure that the way they design your house is easier to do the interior designing. They make the interior very fine and according to your choice. You, therefore, have an idea in mind of how you will design your house considering the make.

8. Place wicker baskets in your room

These help to minimize space utilization within the house. You can place them on the kitchen counters on the dinning putting fruits in it. This makes the place look elegant as much as the baskets act as storage.

9. Use what already exists for your decorations

You do not have to worry about where to borrow cash to decorate your house. You might be having metal, wood or silver in your house and this is what you use. You can place them on top of luggage racks, coffee tables or the bedside tables. you can then surround them with candles making the look epic.

10. Add green

For your living room, the green makes it look lively. The plants also freshen the air in the room. They regulate the air and humidity within the room. 

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